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about me

i sometimes stream video games (and programming) on my twitch.

my main programming project right now is AI TTS Donations

you can learn more about my other projects over at /projects

i enjoy collecting vinyl records, and i enjoy listening to music, in the next section, you will see some of the artists i like to listen to!


my top artists

all gathered from my last.fm profile

i like to regularly expand my music taste, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

required listening

these songs are too good to pass up on.

my vinyl record collection

i own quite a bit of vinyl records, and i add things to my collection all the time. according to discogs i have a median collection value of $1,311.00


formal contact can be done over email

other contact can be done through discord or twitter

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info about this site

this site was made using the wonderful remix.js and mantine. it's hosted on vercel, and is open sourced here: mmattbtw/remix-mmatt.net.