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i'm matt 👋

i'm 18, a music lover, record collector, former twitch streamer, current twitch chatter, and a web developer.

i'm currently focused on making Songish a reality.

Photo of me, orange hair with glasses, holding an iPhone, wearing a purple Twitch hoodie.

things i've worked on



wip/coming soon • next.js • t3 stack • typescript • expo • react native • 'startup'

Songish is the app for sharing music with your friends. This will be the biggest solo project I am working on, with lots of plans in the future, including a UserArtist program (for promoting indie artists that use Songish), an entire community music database, and more.

Solrock Open Beta (AI TTS Donations v5)

Solrock Open Beta (AI TTS Donations v5)

shut down • 2,000+ streamers and counting! • open source • mmattDonk • twitch • python 3

AI TTS Donations (working name) is a free and open source AI TTS program. This was made because other solutions were private / cost streamers tons of money. AI TTS Donations includes playsounds, voice effects, and thousands of voices using Uberduck and FakeYou



on hiatus • open source • mmattDonk • twitch • python 3

TwitchTunes is a Twitch chat bot that lets your viewers use Spotify to request songs.

Super VCs

Super VCs

typescript • open source • discord bot

Super VCs is a Discord bot that automatically creates new voice channels, and also mentions signed up users for when a new voice channel starts. Made this for a personal server, and it's really useful for us!

remix • react • typescript • music festival is a website made for the VIBEFEST online music festival. It uses the React framework Remix and uses the Component Library Mantine. It includes a news feed with a comment section, a stream page with a Twitch embed and donation information, and a guestbook! v2 v2

astro • music festival • static site

The next version of is built on Astro! It's completely static, with no database, and has an entire lineup directory, with easy to edit artist information pages!

and more!

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my email is matt at

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