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"virtuai self- utopia subsystem" is a tribute show to Virtual Self's "Utopia System" shows.

7/7/2022 - music / virtuai self

Hey! I assume you are reading this post after watching the reveal trailer for my new live show “virtuai self - utopia subsystem”.

If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it!

If you are here just browsing my site and have never heard as me go as “virtuai_self” on the internet, well hi yeah that is me, but it started out as just an alt account on Twitter so I could vent without having people from my main account unfollow/mute me (which probably already happened but whatever), so I created a new account to just talk about whatever I want, I ended up becoming apart of the porter robinson community on Twitter (becuase I like his music, if you couldn’t tell by this live show being a thing) and yeah ended up gaining a couple new friends. Anyways, enough rambling about how I have another account on and into the real meat of why you are probably here.

What is “virtuai self - utopia subsystem”?

“virtuai self- utopia subsystem” is a tribute show to Virtual Self’s “Utopia System” shows. Expect a lot of similar music, visuals, and the same kind of vibe in general.

So are you just ripping off Porter?

Yes, deal with it pretty much :p . On a serious note, these Virtual Self shows (specifically VIRTUAL SELF AT SHRINE AUDITORIUM [02/09/2019] and VIRTUAL SELF AT MOODY THEATER - AUSTIN, TX [11/03/2021]) have inspired me to take on DJing and planning out live shows in the first place, so no matter what bits and pieces of Virtual Self would have been in my shows anyways. I was planning 2 other DJ sets and both had heavy Virtual Self influence, so I just went ahead and went 1000% in and just wanted to plan a tribute show, as I saw that the last one was quite a bit ago and it didn’t see like we weren’t getting anymore Virtual Self shows for the time being (and then VS b2b G Jones got announced but we can just ignore that for my story) so I wanted to fill the void!

What kind of music should we expect?

Mostly trance-type music I guess. I’m really bad at defining genres for music (especially other people’s music), so yeah. If you want a feel of what i’m talking about, VIRTUAL SELF AT SHRINE AUDITORIUM [02/09/2019] and VIRTUAL SELF AT MOODY THEATER - AUSTIN, TX [11/03/2021] were both used HEAVILY in planning the tracklist.

What kind of visuals should we expect?

I’m going to be Googling “VIRTUAL SELF - {song name} VISUALS REMAKE” and then just grabbing whatever I find and using it. I’m going to try to convey the similar lighting that is used in VS Utopia System shows because I love the stage setup/lighting, but it’s quite impossible to recreate that in just video form, but I’ll try to convey the same language and such.

When will we be able to watch?

coming soon.

What do you mean by “1 recording”?

I’ll probably only do 1 recording or 1 set of this show, simply because I don’t have the energy (or talent imo) to prepare another one.

Where will we be able to watch?

Plan is for the first (and maybe only, still haven’t decided) screening to be shown at a VRChat music festival of some sorts, and then original recordings and such be uploading to my YouTube channel

Wait so is it finished? You said it wasn’t.

Yeah no it is not finished at this moment, I’m announcing it super early beacuse I had a boost in motivation after watching another Virtual Self show. When will it be done? I don’t know, I’m not sure, maybe never, but eventually I’m sure. I announced it early because I’m pretty much almost done with tracklisting, its just I have to record, do visuals, edit, etc.


No. Maybe like next year idk, I’ll just surprise you.

How long have you been planning this

Early 2022.

Ok I think that’s all of the questions I can think of, if you have any more just write in the comments and I’ll edit the post and put it up here!


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